Technical details of Mounted cannon sprayer polyethylene

Air group


  • Centrifugal monobloc 500.
  • Heavy-duty gear box with 1 speed and neutral.
  • 500 Ø double turbine system with 3-point centrifugal clutch.
  • Injected, reinforced glass fibre, aerodynamic casing with smooth inside and outside.
  • Protection grilles pursuant according to European regulations.
  • Telescopic regulation for cannon high.

Pump 105 with 3 diaphragms, 105 l/min and 50 atm pressure.

Reinforced tank with wash water tank. Circuit cleaning tank.

Cannon long range blast with 180º turn and hydraulic inclination. Nozzles : 3 D5 + 8 D4 and 1 D4 + 2 D3; Diffusers: 11 DC56 and 1 DC56 + 2 DC35.

Protected transmission G4.101.

* Without Non-polluting filler


Made in Spain







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